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Cache Warmer

Our Cache Warmer is designed to make your cache warming as painless as possible. We’ve made our cache warming tools available via an easy-to-use online interface so that you can start your first cache warming job in minutes. No coding required! Some of the features include:

  • Manage cache warming for an unlimited amount of projects from within a single interface.
  • Start your cache warm jobs immediately or schedule them.
  • Let our built-in crawler determine which pages will be cache warmed or let it use your sitemap.xml. Enter a list of URLs for full control.
  • Statistics are kept each time we warm your cache. We will let you know if we encounter any broken pages on your site so that you can take action immediately.

We’ve made the Cache Warmer very configurable so that you can use it for lots of different scenario’s. Some examples:

  • You are launching a new site and want to make sure that all pages are cached before launch.
  • You automatically publish articles at 3AM each night and want to make sure that they are cached.
  • You clear your cache every night and want to make sure that the cache is rebuilt immediately afterwards.

If you are using Drupal as your CMS you can even use the Cache Warmer connect module to automatically build your cache after each cache clear.

Test the Cache Warmer for free at and keep your site fast all of the time!